Last week I had the great privilege to share with  amazing photographers, not only staff but students at Roots Workshop in Cape Cod. This is an intensive photojournalism experience, that will take any photographer out of their comfort zone and push them to truly document  a story; Everyone has a different assignment and story to tell by the end of the week.  I had a very challenging place to visit a SKYDIVING place, were anyone who is willing to have an extreme experience and put there lives to the edge will come for the thrill of jumping out of an airplain.

I have no words to thank my amazing team leaders/mentors Tyler Wirken and Rachel La Cour, for trusting me in such a challenging assignment that pushed me to be thrilled and to think as fast as possible. I know their voices will be in my head every time I shoot my camera. Also many thanks to the Roots Staff you all Rock!

roots workshop skydiving in cape cod roots workshop skydivingroots workshop skydivingroots workshop

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  • emilie inc.: Way to go, Mafe! Wonderful to finally meet you! So happy you were able to make the journey to the Cape!! Miss you!! (07.27.2011 06:52pm)
  • Tracey Buyce: Brilliant work! You told the story beautifully! Great meeting you! (07.27.2011 07:33pm)
  • Federico Fernandez: Amaziiiing Job!!! I'm proud of you sis... (07.28.2011 02:23pm)
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