Like the bloom of the plants during the spring and the many changes suffered after a cold winter, the growth of new leaves, flowers and light appear…

Being from a country that does not experiences any of this strong weather changes, and specifically Caracas my city lives an eternal spring, 20 to 28 C is the average temperature year around (sometimes arrives to 30C or during the night drops to 17C but this are not big changes).

Having a closer look to this beautiful season change makes me think that nature is just like us, we change from time to time and many periods of our lives end to start a new one, the cycle goes on and on through our personal experiences. Since last year many things changed in my life, but the main one happened last Spring, when the big proposal came and the time to moved from one country to another arrived.

Since then it has been a time full of adventures, love, happiness, amazing new people, and as these trees and beautiful nature views bloomed into my eyes, during the past months of May and  June I was getting ready to move  from very hot and  humid Panama City full of amazing beach views of the pacific sea to 4 season Switzerland dry, cold, perfectly organized, full of magnificent mountain views and lakes. What can I say IT’S A BIG CHANGE, and I’m enjoying every second of it.

So being a photographer I have documented some of this views and decided to share some of the personal experiences of what I have seen during the 2 1/2 seasons that have past… while now starts what will be the toughest one: Winter, but already started to take some images and hopefully by the end of the season I will also have some of those amazing white views to share.

Switzerland "swiss spring" "suiza primavera" Suiza

Switzerland "primavera"spring in switzerland"

Spring booming colors

switzerland "swiss spring" suiza, "primavera" swiss views spring time switzerland

Celerina Switzerland

lake melting…. Spring arrived

spring switzerland, locarno

Spring in Locarno

spring locarno music

Music in the streets of Locarno

Spring in Locarno, Switzerland

Spring bloom at the windows of Locarno

locarno windows

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